ITERATIONS provides a platform for designers and design researchers in Ireland and internationally to document, reflect and present their Practices, Theories, Processes and Artefacts.

Design outcomes vary between different projects and disciplines. However the process of creative exploration and experimentation is universal. ITERATIONS publishes a blend of peer reviewed research papers, reflections on design practice, case studies, visual essays, discussions and opinion pieces, invited editorials, interviews and reviews.

Iterations invites four types of contributions:

1. Research articles for peer review (6-8 pages: 6 page article requires 3000-3300 words, 8 page article requires 4000-4500)

2. Reflections on practice focused on design projects or process (Use full paper and commentary articles as a guide to wordcount)

3. Single page A4 Portrait – Practice, creative work, infographics, visual essay ,illustration, etc.

4. Commentary, Opinion, Position articles (up to 1500 words)

5. Interviews (up to 1500 words)


This is an indicative map of design disciplines that ITERATIONS will cover (click to view a larger version).


Editorial team

Articles are selected by a multi-disciplinary editorial panel drawn from across the island of Ireland.

Frequently asked questions


What type of article can I submit?

Iterations is a mixed content publication. We accept academic articles, practice reviews, case studies from professional practice or education, conference papers, opinion pieces.


What is the usual article word count?

Typically, a double page article requires 1100 words, a 4 page article requires 1900-2000 words, a 6 page article requires 3000-3300 words and a 8 page article requires 4000-4500 words


Can I submit images and graphics?

Yes, we encourage the submission of visuals along with articles. Authors must ensure they have full copyright clearance before submission as Iterations will not accept responsibility in the event of copyright dispute.


What will it look like?

ITERATIONS is an 88 page, A4 publication, printed in full colour and perfect bound.

Click here to view a sample layout

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