Call for Articles: 7th Edition

ITERATIONS Design Research and Practice Review is currently seeking submissions for Issue 7.

From insight to impact: Designing for growth

  • In business
  • In self
  • In society

From insight to impact in business : New reports link design to economic value, increased performance and innovation. This track looks for best in class examples, reflections on practice, and theoretical discussion illustrating noteworthy approaches in design applied in small, medium and large organisations. In particular we welcome contributions that inform cause and effect models, analysis, or wider commentary around design in business.

From insight to impact in self : In today’s fast moving world there are new challenges when maintaining personal health and wellbeing. This track looks for reflections, examples and theoretical discussion in exploring the role of design in navigating life. In particular we welcome contributions that inform analysis or wider commentary around design for the individual.

From insight to impact in society : Today’s society is fast evolving and changing. This track looks to explore the role for design in impacting identity, policy, systems and services for the good of society. In particular we welcome contributions that inform analysis or wider commentary around design for society.

By this theme we encourage articles that contribute to the national conversation around design initiated by the recent government publication, “Winning By Design” (2017).

We encourage contributions from academics, individuals and industries that demonstrate the role of design in delivering real impact. We are particularly interested in academic articles, non-academic discussion papers, research articles, action research, design process commentary and position papers will also be considered as per previous issues.

The review is an open platform for practicing designers and design researchers alike and strives to publish a reflection of contemporary issues in Design Practice and Research.

Submissions may include:

  1. Full research papers for peer review (6-8 pages: 6 page article requires 3000-3300 words, 8 page article requires 4000-4500)
  2. Position papers (up to 1500 words)
  3. Reflections on practice focused on design projects or process (Use full paper and commentary articles as a guide to wordcount)
  4. Single page A4 Portrait – Practice, creative work, infographics, visual essay, illustration, etc.
  5. Commentary, Opinion (up to 1500 words)
  6. Interviews (up to 1500 words)

Key Dates


Call for articles: 17th November 2017

Deadline for receipt of articles: 14 February 2018

Blind peer review deadline: 21st February 2018

Approval of articles from editorial board: Week 15th March 2018

Date of publication:June 2018

If you have any queries please contact the editorial team.

Submitting your article

Before submitting your article using this form, please complete the following:

1. Read the style guide and submission checklist

2. Read the Copyright details

3. Download and sign the author declaration form so that it can be uploaded with your paper – PDF, Word Document