This first edition of Iterations presents fine examples across a broad spectrum of design activity, from reflections on setting up consultancy, to insights into established professional practice. Articles in the education section reflect on live projects which highlight the benefit of collaborative work. Curatorial and policy issues are explored in detail through innovative case studies and critique. The review also seeks to contextualise quality artefacts and crafted visuals as part of the essential language of design practice and research.

Iterations is testament to the fact that design research has come of age in Ireland. Our educational institutions and public funding agencies recognise this, and are realising the potential of design by providing focus and funding. Irish Design 2015 is providing a platform for collaboration and engagement in design across the island and has placed Ireland confidently on the international stage.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the authors who trusted us to present their work in an open, accessible context; those who went through the blind peer review process with a view to critiquing and improving their written work and who gave form to the first Iteration of the review.

– Adam De Eyto


Editorial: A welcome to our first issue of Iterations Design Research & Practice Review from Lead Editor, Adam de Eyto.

Foreword: Programme Director for ID 2015, Alex Milton discusses the importance and value of design research and its role in innovation.

1. Education

Design History: Culture and Context: Con Kennedy

How Scenarios Support Empathy In Design: Louise Kiernan & Muireann McMahon / University of Limerick

Getting the right design or getting the design right: Trevor Vaugh and Martin Ryan / NUI Maynooth

2. Papers

An open-source, low-cost & digitally fabricated geodesic dome system: Javier Burón & Magda Sánchez / University of Limerick

Design as a driver for economic growth in Northern Ireland: Michelle Douglas, Ian Montgomery & Karen Fleming / University of Ulster

3. Artefact

In The Fold: Gemma A. Williams / Fashion Curator and Author

4. Practice Review

A design consultancy intervention: how strategic design thinking delivers in practice: Sean McNulty & Frances Mitchell / Dolmen

Typographic design, one character at a time: Jamie Murphy / The Salvage Press

If You Build It – They Will Come: Hannah Fleetwood / SLICE Design.


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