Issue 05 explores how Design is changing. The impact of design is being accepted and acknowledged more broadly in industry and society. But this exposure and acceptance brings its own challenges. In this issue we attempt to understand and digest the new directions for design. Exciting times are upon us but how we move to, across and between the edges of these new directions is important.

The articles in this issue offer different, often contrasting, views on the shifting shapes of designers now and into the future. They move from general, larger conversations to specific company reflections and perspectives on how these changes can play out in reality. Editing Issue 05 of Iterations has been a pleasure, from the first submission, right after we posted the call, to the enthusiasm of the authors in reacting to the double blind peer reviews.

The response to the call was the highest to date and what is perhaps the more exciting is that over half the submissions were from international parties. This means our reach is widening and Irish design is gaining traction within global conversations. We can take confidence in this. It is also exciting for us to share our design stories within the Irish community and beyond I hope these articles start conversations, cultivate dissent and agreement and provoke reactions of all types.

As we move swiftly towards ITERATIONS Issue 6 let’s keep the discussions going. Thank you, most sincerely to the editorial board, the reviewers, the graphic designer and the authors for making the process so seamless and enjoyable.

  • Dr. Muireann McMahon

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