More than ever we need the skills to survive in a volatile, uncertain and complex world. Just as our economy recovers from recession to now enjoy full employment and a strong period of growth, we again face uncertainty. The health of our indigenous industries are in question as we enter Brexit, foreign multinationals face pressure to repatriate, and our exports face tax increases as trade wars heighten.

However, while Ireland is finding-its-feet, adapting to the changing environment, there are signs of promise. With change and disruption there is failure for some but opportunities for others. Design in all its forms has more to offer than previously thought. Today, many designers embrace a new identity that isn’t just a toolset for creating products, artefacts or services, but rather a facilitator for effective change towards better policy, better user experiences, and better business models.

The design professions can draw further encouragement from recent Government action, incorporating it in policy and an agenda for future skills. Industry groups similarly recognise its value and today endorse it as a key pillar for success. Never has there been such a broad and engaged audience and infectious optimism around design in Ireland.

In this issue of Iterations we reflect on the enablers, the visionaries, and the theories central to this rebirth of design. Iterations seeks to blend progressive academic thinking with the best examples from industry practice. It provides a platform for theoretical discussion, exploring noteworthy approaches applied in business, in life, and in delivering a better society. Specifically in this issue we sought articles that make the connection from design-driven insight to societal and industrial impact.

  • Martin Ryan

Editorial A welcome to the seventh edition of Iterations Design Research and Practice Review from Editor, Martin Ryan

IDI: President’s Address Kirk McCormack

Topical Debates

Design Thinking Design’s Prodigal Son? Dr. Peter Robbins DOI 10.31880/10344/7521

Informing Practice

How Irish design consultancies align with Ireland’s Innovation 2020 priorities: a preliminary study Alen Keirnan, Peter Robbins, Frank Devitt, Trevor Vaugh, Martin Ryan & Rachael Koffel DOI 10.31880/10344/7522

New ways of thinking about taking design to the street: reflecting on the use of temporary urban interventions as tools for codesigning public spaces Dr. Nuala Flood & Prof. Leon Cruickshank DOI 10.31880/10344/7523

Design-driven Entrepreneurship An interview with three Irish designer-founders Martin Ryan & Trevor Vaugh 10.31880/10344/7524


Design thinking,the driver of innovation in Irish Industry: An interview with Denis Hayes, Managing Director of the IRDG Martin Ryan & Trevor Vaugh DOI 10.31880/10344/7526

Interview with Neil Cormican Dr. Adam de Eyto DOI 10.31880/10344/7525

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